Kanji Study is a quick and powerful kanji search tool with self-organized sets for convenient studying and quizzing.

Application Features

Kana charts for quick references;
studiable with drill and judge modes.

Study kanji rendered with SVG data
and not a computer font.

Search by readings (kana and romaji),
meanings, stroke count, jlpt level and radicals.

Searching by radical sorts by frequency,
listing the kanji counts below each character.

Furigana is corectly formatted
above all example sentences.

Drawing practice with a free draw mode
and a strict challenge mode.

See how each kanji breaks down
into radicals and components

Drill kanji with flashcard app,
and self-assess your memory

Browse kanji in an easy-to-read list,
or toggle to view by grid.

Favorite any kanji, radical,
example word or sentence

Study time shown in a simple calendar
and study progress listed by JLPT level.

Explore definitions and many examples.
Use the breadcrumbs to navigate back.